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Windows NT 4.0 5.728.604.2009 06.04.2009
Windows 98 5.719.325.2009 03.25.2009
Windows 2000 5.719.325.2009 03.25.2009
Windows 2000 x64 6.110.1029.2008 10.29.2008
Windows XP 5.746.0121.2010 11.19.2010
Windows XP x64 5.746.0121.2010 11.19.2010
Windows Server 2003 5.732.629.2009 06.29.2009
Windows Server 2003 x64 5.732.629.2009 06.29.2009
Windows Vista 6.241.0623.2010 09.07.2010
Windows Vista x64 6.241.0623.2010 09.07.2010
Windows 7 7.023.0623.2010 09.07.2010
Windows 7 x64 7.023.0623.2010 09.07.2010

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The Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC drivers package contains drivers for the 10/100M Fast Ethernet PCI Network Interface Controller.

This driver package is compatible with Windows Xp ,Windows Vista ,Windows 7 , Windows 86, Windows ME and Windows 2000 operating systems.

Latest comments

Lolark(fan) 3 years ago 
5.719.325.2009 is working on my xp32 ethernet. My previous version is 5.663.1212.2006. After updating it is working fine. Now it shows I have a new updated version 5.746.121.2010. Why did not it tell me first?
Chris(beginner) 3 years ago 
I downloaded the version for W7 (32) which is also listed as the Vista version. My W7 laptop (Advent 7098) came back with the driver "is only for Windows Vista, try another..."
Samson Ejim(beginner) 4 years ago 
Where can I get the latest driver?
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